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Sensual to explicit erotic monologues, Audible Arousals are on-demand dirty talk.

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Are We The Perfect Match?

Instant gratification and sensual satisfaction has never been quicker, as you can be discretely feeling as naughty as you'd like in a matter of seconds. No dealing with obnoxious perverts at the bar, no telling signs of misbehaving in your mailbox, and no physical books with hunks on the cover embarrassingly telling the world what's going on in-between your sheets when you're alone.

Just like a snowflake, every woman is unique and has very distinct desires. Because Audible Arousals are narrated fantasies from the first person perspective, not the classic 3rd person fictional character as written erotica or romance novels, there may be situations presented you typically wouldn't act upon, or even flat out reject. Many women find this is actually a wonderful opportunity to push their boundaries in the safety of their own mind, without real-world consequences or practicality.

It may also be something you're not quite ready for, so great care has been taken to make sure you're fully informed about the themes and level of explicitness of the recordings. But chances are because you've came on this site, and have read this far, your curiosity is becoming eager to find out what the hype is all about for yourself. Whether you're looking to be sweet-talked and seduced, or just looking for a quickie... you and Ear Erotica may just be a match made in heaven.

By now it's obvious Audible Arousals are the perfect gift to treat yourself after the daily stresses of everyday life, so go ahead – indulge your senses now in a way you likely never have, and curiously let one the Ear Erotica tracks take you for a test drive now.

Here's a bit more about the actual content, before you realize this is perfect for you:

  • Young male speaker from his first person view of seducing you
  • In the orientation of a straight masculine man to a feminine woman (you!)
  • Styles range from narrating fantasies to you, to phones sex calls, to jumping quickly into dirty talk
  • No long elaborate plots, but still enough build up and progression to feel comfortable and natural
  • It's extremely explicit and full of very bad, naughty words – not suitable for minors or the prude
  • Each track has a basic description with tags/labels describing major themes in recording
  • Previews of all Audible Arousals are provided for you to get the feel before you buy it

The only way you'll know if this is right for you is, like anything else, just try it now!

Feel Luxurious in High Definition

Audible Arousals aren't rehearsed stories recorded on a cheap ghetto 80's cassette deck; these HD recordings are spontaneous, single-take monologues that are professionally mastered, produced in high quality MP3 files. Just like watching a live show on an HD TV, Ear Erotica's tracks allow you to indulge in this luxury of un-edited crystal-clear lust right from your headphones in fantastic realism. The better quality your headphones, the better it gets.

This means that every breath you hear, every word spoke, every aggressive tone sounded, you can hear as if it were really happing right next to you. This realism of a normal flow of speaking and clarity allows you to be completely immersed, causing the fantasies to penetrate the walls of reality, freeing you from the bonds of day-to-day mundaneness and artificial highly produced adult entertainment.

All Audible Arousal tracks you get are fully compatible and easy to download now straight to your iPod. The Ear Erotica site is specially designed to look and function great on the iPhone & iPad.  Not only that, but you can stream each track directly to these devices, eliminating any trace of naughty files in your music library... unless the thought of getting caught is more exciting.

What Are Audible Arousals™?

Audible Arousals are something completely different then anything you've experienced before. Akin to hot phone sex, these recordings are erotic, on-demand, dirty talk MP3s designed to arouse and satisfy. They are defining a new genre of erotica that's sending ripples of pleasure around the world, straight to women's ears.

Imagine those nights when you've had a stressful day at work saving the world and you just need to unwind for the evening... what do you do to make yourself feel good? What if being superwoman or supermom has zapped you of your supersexuality? When you are getting turned on – feeling that really feminine, alive, sexual feeling of desire – what do you do? If you don't have anybody that can fulfill that need, where do you turn to?

Porn? Romance novels? Erotica? Toys? Familiar feelings of despair? Suppression of your sex drive?

Women should be able to feel as much pleasure as they desire, whenever they want, without any social or physical repercussions – just as many men do. Unfortunately, the problem with actualizing that pleasure is that the fantasies in your head are about 100x better than the ones any porn industry could create. That's where Audible Arousals come in. Using the same seductive, erotic dirty talk as remarkable lovers do in real relationships with real people, Audible Arousals fill that missing gap you didn't even realize was missing.

Just stop... and begin to imagine your ideal lover seducing you over the phone, or holding and caressing you from behind, as he whispers deliciously naughty things he wants to do to you in your ears. Narrating from first touch to last caress of the sexual fantasy, the way he wants to smell and deeply inhale the succulent aroma of your perfume... the way he wants to indulge his tongue in your soft, sweet skin... the way he's going to painstakingly slow, look your body up and down, trying lustfully to pierce his gaze through your tight shirt.

That's exactly what Ear Erotica's audio recordings are... and even naughtier.

That one-on-one first person intimate feeling, without any repercussions, guilt, embarrassment, or difficulty finding a man that can provide this for you. Just the freedom to experience and feel yourself where and how you want, in the privacy of your own mind, as if it was actually happening to you – not some other "fictional babe". Experience erotic pleasure like you've never had before, and try some Audible Arousals today!

Become The Center Of Attention

Most erotica is being narrated about other people, where the excitement is based upon somebody else's adventure. This can get old, and leave you feeling a bit lacking of excitement in your own life. With Audible Arousals, you are at the center of the story. It's all about you, spoken directly and dirty to you, as if you were hearing it live by your lover. Whether it's in the style of an elaborate fantasy of sexual exploration, an intimate phone sex call, or just a quickie to get off – every recording is designed for you to enjoy alone with headphones, snuck away listing to the voice of arousal.

And unlike written stories that require you to: focus on what your reading, keep your eyes open to see the words, and turn the page with (at least one of) your hands – Audible Arousals allow you to focus on these feelings of pleasure with your eyes closed, being able to fully imagine everything perfectly.

Oh yeah, and totally hands-free.

Gimme The Deets!

"So how will I receive my pleasure? Will I be getting an obvious brown envelope that says "" delivered in my name to my doorstep?"

No way.

The days of embarrassing deliveries intercepted by your parents, roommates, children, or crushes are fortunately over. Thank god. While you do miss out on the potential fantasy of being seduced by the hunky UPS guy in brown, let's hope the satisfaction you get from the Audible Arousals more than makes up for it.

Here's what happens: When you make an order now,  you'll be sent a receipt email, as well as an email with a direct link to your purchased MP3 file. You'll also be able to download this file (and your other purchases) whenever you'd like from your account page with a simple click. Easy-peasy.

Feeling a little bit geeky? Here's the tech specs of what you're getting:

  • 1 Instantly downloadable (or streamable) MP3 file
  • Professionally mastered MP3 with pretty ID3 tags and album art
  • HD quality 192kbps bit rate
  • Approximately 25MB per 15 mins of recording
  • Designed for iPod, iPhone, iPad (compatible with any music player)
  • Mac & PC ready

Once you download your MP3 file, just load it up on your iPod, MP3 player, or media player of choice on your computer, plug in some quality headphones, lay back, and allow yourself to enjoy yourself immersed in the sound of arousal.

Ready to get dirty? Check out the store now!

Audible Arousals vs Erotica

By now, you may be wondering what the difference between Audible Arousals™, audio erotica, erotica, and even the classic romance novels is. There are a few major distinctions that you should be aware of in order to best be prepared for what you will receive.

Here are the top 4:

  1. Audio erotica, erotica, and romance novels are all stories of characters, where Audible Arousals feature you as the focus in 1st person.
  2. Audio erotica and erotica have the same content, one is simply the spoken version of the erotic novel in an audio format.
  3. While romance novels focus on character development, romance, story lines and plots with usually skimpy, sex scenes with tame language – the rest are the sex scenes, and very explicit and graphical in language.
  4. Audible Arousals are different that all the rest in that the content is about you and turning you on directly as a remarkable lover in bed or over the phone would.

The style of Audible Arousals provides you with a much more intimate and intense experience than a story of somebody else ever could. Just imagine being able to feel safe and free from judgement to indulge in your fantasies... to feel desired on demand... to feel this lust and passion when and where ever your body is aching for it... all from the comfort of your headphones. All of this can be fulfilled without the repercussions and hassle of the real world. While you can get lost in these feelings pleasure by reading a story about somebody else, you can truly connect and experience this naughty satisfaction first hand when the words were weaved for you, and you alone.

You don't need that special someone to feel special. Allow Audible Arousals to penetrate the deepest parts of your mind and be taken away on a journey that the characters in your favorite erotica or romance novels wish they were on. No cheesy lines and over-the-top voice acting here found in most audio erotica: just raw unadulterated words to take you to places of ecstasy.

Take a look at the chart below for a detailed comparison:

Audible Arousals Erotica Audio Erotica Romance Novels
Erotic X-Rated Language yes yes yes
Act Out Fantasies & Roleplaying yes yes yes ?
3rd-Person View & Elaborate Story yes yes yes
Read At Any Pace yes yes
Hands-Free, Eyes-Closed Enjoyment yes yes
Professional HD Audio Production yes n/a ? n/a
Real, Raw, Unedited, Life-Like Narration yes
1st-Person Experience As Yourself yes
Explicit & Direct Dirty Talk yes
Personally Lead Through Ecstatic Feelings yes