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Ear Erotica specializes in erotic audio tracks that are designed to encourage sexual liberation by stimulating your mind and body in the ways passionate and skilled lovers ravishing their women do. Women around the world are subject to shame, guilt, and a suppressed sex life because of the stigmas placed upon freely expressing one’s sexuality. Incredible fantasies and scenes of passion, love, and ultimate self-expression are rampant throughout the darkness of a woman’s mind, never given the chance to see the light of day.

What if these could begin to take fruit in the safety of a woman’s own bed, through the facilitation of sexy, erotic dirty talk? What if thousands of women began to explore these intimate experiences themselves both in the East and West? What if given a newly developed sense of self-confidence and acceptance of one’s own desires, they take to their lovers of old and new a demand for a much more rich, wholesome, and complete spectrum of sexual pleasures?

Would masses of women begin a journey of sexual self-actualization through the realms of insatiable lust, erotic passion, and loving, filthy dirty talk? Would it also require men around the world to step-up and fulfill their roles as remarkable lovers?


Ear Erotica has set out to provide you with thrilling experiences of lust, passion, and taboo – on-demand from the comfort, privacy, and safe haven of your headphones. Whether you’re feeling lonely through a dry spell of singledom, frustrated with current poor lovers in your life, or already living a romantic and sexy life with an insatiable appetite to be naughty – Ear Erotica has the answer to your desires in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Your Own Desires

As a smart and self-aware woman, thinking about scenes of passion now, you know the mental stimulation of a lover’s dirty talk is just as necessary – if not more – than each of his touches, tastes, and teases for your own unique arousal. While the physical stimulation is undoubtably fantastic, if you’re not connected emotionally and mentally stimulated as well, the sex is hardly at the levels of ecstasy your deepest ideals yearn for.

Just imagine being her, underneath that man...

You also have quite a bit of fantasies, ranging from sensual and socially acceptable, to deeper and darker indulgences… don’t you. Be honest now, it’s okay. Yes, those ones. unfortunately for a plethora of reasons, these fantasies and self-expressions with remarkable lovers rarely become reality for most women. The result of this is that beautiful and deserving women around the world, are often left feeling undesirable and unsatisfied, or are only left with sporadic tastes of something more… thrilling.

Spoken and written word, through their ability to conjure up imagination, has been used all throughout time in order to experience things we might not be able or ready to experience in real life. The power of dirty talk and describing erotic scenes is unparalleled when exploring both innocent and not so innocent fantasies. Audible Arousals are based on this incredible power, and will guide you deep inside without judgement, remorse, guilt, or any bad-boy repercussions.

If you’ve experienced the thrills of sexy dirty talk before, then you’re going to sigh a relief of familiarity listening to Ear Erotica’s Audible Arousals™. If you haven’t, then you’re in for a real treat. From the depths of your most hidden desires, to the outside of your trembling body, prepare for a new level of standards to be set. For less than a day’s worth of Starbucks and just some comfy headphones – everything you yearn to feel can be yours, right here, right now.

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  • “I was really hesitant to try something this far beyond my comfort zone, but holy shit, nice move me. ”

    L. G. -

  • “The first I tried wasn’t my flavor, but exchanged it for another and wow, that’s more like it! ”

    Sarah P. -

  • “Since listening, I can’t fathom how I’ve let my boyfriend go on for so long without talking dirty. ”

    Jenny A. -

  • “The MP3s provided are high quality and the voice is incredibly seductive. All I can say is… more! ”

    Janet M. -